DMY A Part of DC Water’s Innovative Waste To Electricity Facility

DMY is once again helping bring the region’s most innovative projects to life. DC Water recently began producing electricity from the sludge left over from treated sewage at its Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (the largest plant of its kind in the world), and DMY is proud to have been a significant member of the design-build team for the construction of this important facility.


DMY provided special inspections and construction materials testing services for the Combined Heat and Power Plant and the Main Process Train projects. Our work included field and laboratory testing for soil and aggregate, concrete and grout, and inspection of the installation of auger cast piles, soldier piles, deep excavation, and structural steel construction.


DC Water is the first utility in North America to use a Norwegian thermal hydrolysis system to convert sludge into electricity. The power generated from the Blue Plains facility will provide 33% of all of the electricity used at the 157-acre plant, saving DC Water $10 million annually. The system will also generate enough electricity to eventually recoup the $470 million cost of the facility and will shrink the plant’s overall carbon footprint.


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