Senior Geotechnical Engineer

DMY Engineering Consultants Inc. (DMY) is seeking a hard working team player with a can-do attitude to join our office in Dulles, Virginia. The position is for a mid- to senior-level geotechnical engineer.


Major Expected Results:


  • Provides technical expertise within area of specialization for diverse activities company-wide, working under the general direction of a department manager. May function as lead designer or technical consultant.


  • On assignments involving engineering investigations and planning work, has a firm grasp of the fundamentals of engineering processes and their application to operating systems.


  • On projects involving engineering services related to field/construction activities, has developed a thorough understanding of construction methods.


  • Manages aspects of important projects including proposal development, budget, project execution and scheduling and client communications.


  • Participates in business development efforts. Upholds engineering ethics and standards of conduct.


Technical Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Participates in conducting engineering investigations and planning work by completing well-defined tasks. These tasks may include collection and analysis of data using established procedures, performance of routine calculations, and participation in evaluating the feasibility of alternate solutions.


  • Project manager for routine to semi-complex projects. Responsibilities may include marketing, budgeting, financial managements, schedule coordination and resources allocation.


  • Plans, schedules, conducts or coordinates detailed phases of the engineering work in part of a major project.


  • Performs data acquisition and analysis, researching the feasibility of alternative design approaches, site conditions, and/or regulatory agency specifications or regulations.


  • Prepares material for reports and permit applications, gathering information, writing rough outlines and/or preparing work progression documents and graphic presentations.


  • Performs preliminary engineering design and/or reviews the design and drafting work of staff or project engineers, CAD operators.


  • Prepares or oversees the preparation of final plans and reports and submits them for approval.


  • Conducts or oversees personnel involved in engineering investigations and planning work.


Aspects That Define Senior Geotechnical Engineer:


  • Performs work that involves conventional engineering practice but may include a variety of complex features such as conflicting design requirements, unsuitability of conventional materials or procedures, or difficult coordination requirements.


  • Receives direct supervision on new aspects of assignments, exercising independent judgment on details of regular assignments, making preliminary selections, minor modifications, and adaptations of alternatives. Receives approval on proposed plans for projects and general direction as to results expected or unusual problems. May perform limited portions of a broader assignment of an experienced engineer, using prescribed methods.


  • Coordinates with, guides and/or reviews the work of junior professionals. May give work direction or coordinate the work of technicians, drafters, and others who assist in specific assignments.


  • Interacts with department managers and Principal Consultants. May also coordinate with Accounting, Human Resources and other administrative groups.


  • Routinely represents the organization in conferences with clients, prospective clients and regulatory agencies.


Minimum Requirements:


  • BS in Civil Engineering and MS in Geotechnical Engineering. This level may be achieved with 6 years of experience since Bachelor’s degree, or 5 years since Master’s degree. The typical incumbent has 6 to 10 years relevant experience since Bachelor’s degree.


  • PE license is REQUIRED.


  • Demonstrated project management and proposal preparation skills.


  • Strong technical writing, communication skills and interpersonal skills are expected at this level, proven through technical presentations, technical papers and/or participation in technical committees.


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