Matthews Memorial Terrace

Matthews Memorial Terrace is located on a 2.2-acre urban site in the Anacostia region of Southeast Washington, DC.  The project consisted of the construction of a 99-unit five-story residential building over a partially below grade parking garage, five retaining walls, and associated site utilities and pavements.  The residential building has an approximate total gross floor area of 111,200 SF and is supported by a shallow foundation system consisting of spread and continuous footings over Geopiers. The new building is used to house senior citizens and low-income residents.  DMY’s engineer performed the geotechnical investigation for this project.  DMY also provided complete construction materials testing and special inspection services.  The project was completed on time and within budget.


During construction, the adjacent property owners raised concern of the impacts of construction vibrations on the adjacent structures.  DMY promptly provided the client a vibration monitoring program and implemented immediately upon authorization.  The vibration monitoring data showed the construction vibration level was well below the damaging threshold and protect the client from potential claims.


Location – Washington, DC
Project Owner – Matthews Memorial Terrace
Project Client – Matthews Memorial Terrace
Project Completion – 2011









Justice Park Residential Redevelopment

The project consists of demolishing the existing Justice Park and constructing a new five-level residential building with a partially below grade parking and a penthouse for mechanical equipment.  The footprint of the proposed building is approximately 85 feet by 145 feet with a gross floor area of about 50,000 SF.  DMY provided geotechnical engineering services including soil test drilling and sampling and provided geotechnical recommendations.


DMY worked closely with the environmental consultant to implement a combined field program consisting of geotechnical exploration and a Phase II ESA sampling and testing to reduce the overall design costs.   Prior to contract award, DMY performed a comprehensive site reconnaissance and prepared numerous alternatives for site access and subsurface exploration.  DMY also assisted the design team with local engineering requirements as well as concerns unique to the site, which the client was not aware of.  This early and active involvement in the project beyond just the geotechnical engineering scope provided the client foresight to avoid potential pitfalls and ensured a smooth project design and development process.  DMY also worked closely with the structural engineer and ultimately recommended supporting the proposed building on shallow foundations bearing on compacted aggregate piers to save time during construction, increase footing bearing capacity, and reduce potential long term risks to the proposed building and the adjacent structures.


Project Location – Washington, DC

Project Owner – District of Columbia Government

Project Client – Dantes Partners

Project Completion – 2013