Identifying Problems Before They Happen


DMY offers Building Enclosure Services that address the efficacy of the building envelope as a separator of the interior and exterior environments.  Our services are designed to provide quality management during new build and rehabilitation construction projects.  Within the built environment our engineering and building science personnel deliver consulting services to provide condition assessments, pre-refurbishment studies and accurate diagnostics of performance failures.


  • New Construction
    • Systems Design Review
    • Quality Assurance
    • Performance Testing
  • Built Environment
    • Conditions Assessments
    • Pre-Refurbishment
    • Surveys
    • Defect Diagnostics
    • Performance Testing


  •    Quality Management during construction
  •    Condition assessments to optimize maintenance and avert large scale unplanned repairs
  •    Building diagnostics and remediation consulting
  •    Historic preservation
  •    Non-destructive testing
  •    Field performance testing