DC Water Main Process Train

DC Water recently completed work at the Main Process Train of the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. The design-build project included the rehabilitation of four solids blending tanks, installation of 12 new strain screens in a new screenings building, a pre-dewatering building that houses 10 pre-dewatering centrifuges, four trains of Cambri’s thermal hydrolysis treatment (THP), a digester building including pumping and cooling heat exchangers, and the construction of four 3.8 gallon digesters and associated odor control equipment.


DMY provided construction materials testing and special inspection services. The work included field and laboratory testing for soil and aggregate, concrete and grout sampling testing, and inspection of the installation of 477 auger-cast-piles and 144 drilled piers. This was the first project where DMY implemented DMY Manager®, its web-based electronic management and report system. This system allowed DMY engineers and field staff to efficiently manage the project and effectively control the quality of the deliverables.


Project Location – Washington, DC

Project Owner – DC Water

Project Client – PC Construction/CDM Joint Venture

Project Completion – 2015 (Projected)